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by Agnès GP - published on , updated on

Team leader: Hubert CAQUINEAU (Chargé de Recherche CNRS)

MPP is composed of 10 researchers and assistant professors, 1 assistant engineer, and about 15 PhD students and Post-Doc researchers.

The scientific approach of the group is to study cold plasma processes (from both experimental and simulation points of view) from the power supply to the final properties of the elaborated material, taking into account the physicochemical processes occurring in the gas phase and the plasma/surface interactions. Within this scope, the activities of MPP can be classed into three categories:

  • Physicochemical processes in nonequilibrium plasma
  • Plasma and materials
  • Plasma and powders

Various applications are studied in the frame of these research topics. These applications concern all domains utilizing multi-layers and in particular in micro-electronics, electronics and power electronics, in the plastic, the metallurgy, the paper and the glass industries, and in optics. As for this last point, MPP is strongly involved in a joint laboratory named “PIXCELL” in collaboration with Essilor.
A specificity of the group is to work with a wide range of plasma reactors, from very low-pressures (10-3 mbar) to the atmospheric pressure, and from low frequencies (50 Hz) to microwaves (2.45 GHz).