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HASTECS : the more electrical aircraft

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The general objective of the HASTECS (Hybrid Aircraft : Academic research on thermal & Electric Components & Systems) project is to support Hybrid Electric Demonstration by developing models and tools that can help the
designers in assessing main benefits of architectures and power management. Assessments will be integrated at the system level and will include design and analysis of the main components of the hybrid power chain : electric
machines and its cooling, cables, power electronics and related thermal management by taking into account the main environmental constraints, especially partial discharges due to new high power and ultra-high voltage

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First H2020 project for the LAPLACE, HASTECS belongs to the european "CLean sky 2" Program.

The kick off meeting of the 13rd September 2016 launched the project HASTECS for 5 years ; 6 PhD and 2 post doctoral students for a total amount of 1.5M€

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European agreement : N° 715483

Contact : X. Roboam (DR CNRS-LAPLACE)

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