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The research at LAPLACE

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The LAPLACE has 12 research groups composed of about tens permanent staff (researchers and tearcher-researchers and an equivalent number of PhD and post doctoral students and also of engineering and technical staff.

- AEPPT : Electric Arc and Thermal Plasma Processes
- CODIASE : Electrical System Control and Diagnostics
- CS : Static Converters
- DSF : Solid Dielectrics and Reliability
- GENESYS : Research Group in Energy, Electricity & Systems
- GRE : Research Group in Electromagnetism
- GREM3 : Research Group in Electrodynamics
- GREPHE : Groupe de Recherche Energétique, Plasmas, et Hors Equilibre
- LM : Light and Matter
- MDCE : Dielectric Materials and Conversion of Energy
- MPP : Materials and Plasma Processes
- PRHE : Non Equilibrium Reactive Plasma

The scientific politic of the laboratory is also based on the development of scientific transversal actions which are an important instrument for the integration of the scientific project of the LAPLACE. They are more than inter groups collaborations.
The have been identified as common themes to several groups and for which the
pooling of scientific approaches could lead to new concepts or new methods.

The are created for an indefinite period and their development or the creation of new action depends on the LAPLACE’s scientific council.

They currently are four :

  • Décharges Partielles (DP)
  • Optimisation Source-Décharge-Procédé (OSDP)
  • Intégration en Electronique de Puissance (IEP)
  • Electromagnétisme Electrodynamique Energétiques et Plasmas (3EP)