What I need to download

Basically, a new user has to follow the steps presenting below. Please consult the discussion at the Google group before contacting the authors.

ZDPlasKin solver

ZDPlasKin has been tested and runs well on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux OS. A Fortran 90 or 95 compiler is required. We have tested ZDPlasKin with the following compilers: Intel Fotran, Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran, Compaq Fortran and gFortran (available as freeware). Click here to download the last version of the package.


We present at the page of examples some typical cases used in plasma kinetics simulations. These programs can be adopted for users’s purposes and can be used as a “starting point”.

A ready-to-use complete list of plasmachemical processe for more sophisticated cases are presented at the page of examples as well. We welcome new contributors. Anyone wishing to up-load their kinetic schemes to this site (with proper references of course) should contact the authors to obtain an account and to receive instructions for up-loading data.

electron processes data

Starting from April 2010 we no longer distribute electron cross sections with ZDPlasKin package. Please use the following site ELECTRON SCATTERING DATABASE for consulting and downloading of appropriate data.

graphical interface

QtPlaskin is a graphical interface developed by the TRAPPA group (IAA-CSIC, Spain) to analyze results from a plasma kinetic code such as ZDPlasKin. It is developed in Python and runs in Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


PumpKin (pathway reduction method for plasma kinetic models) is a tool for post-processing of a results from zero-dimensional plasma kinetics solvers. Developed by Aram H. Markosyan.