ZDPlasKin solver

Download last version (ver. 2.0a, Sep 2017)

Included in the package

  • Executable version of preprocessor, preprocessor(.exe).
  • BOLSIG+ binary library module, bolsig.dll/lib (windows), bolsig.dylib (mac os), or bolsig.so (linux). Exists in 32 bit and 64 bit (x86_64) version for all three supported systems.
  • DVODE_F90 solver, dvode_f90_m.F90.
  • User’s guide, readme.pdf, and list of changes, changes.txt.

Compilation issues

In order to satisfy module dependences it is highly recommended to compile source files in the following order: dvode_f90_m.F90zdplaskin_m.F90user_code.F90, and to use the BOLSIG+ binary library during the linking stage. This advises applied to both command line and project-based compilations.

IMPORTANT: The PREPROCESSOR translates the input data file into a Fortran code, and thus any changes in the input data file require that the user re-run the PREPROCESSOR and re-compile the generated Fortran code.

Note to Windows users: Linking to dynamic library bolsig.dll is usually handled by linking to an import library bolsig.lib. Three different pairs of dll/lib BOLSIG+ libraries are supplied to the package: bolsig.dll/lib file contains all caps cdecl functions (ZDPLASKIN_BOLSIG_XXX) which is native format for Intel Fotran compiler, bolsig_g.dll/lib contains lowercase cdecl (zdplaskin_bolsig_xxx_) and recommended to use with Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran and gFortran, bolsig_s.dll/lib contains all caps stdcall (_ZDPLASKIN_BOLSIG_XXX@8) and can be used with Compaq Fortran.

Intel Fortran compiler (checked for version 10.x)

  • ifort [options] dvode_f90_m.F90 zdplaskin_m.F90 user_code.F90 bolsig.lib (windows)
  • ifort [options] dvode_f90_m.F90 zdplaskin_m.F90 user_code.F90 bolsig.dylib (mac os)
  • ifort [options] dvode_f90_m.F90 zdplaskin_m.F90 user_code.F90 bolsig.so (linux)

gFortran (checked for version 4.x)

  • gfortran [options] dvode_f90_m.F90 zdplaskin_m.F90 user_code.F90 bolsig_g.dll (windows)
  • gfortran [options] dvode_f90_m.F90 zdplaskin_m.F90 user_code.F90 bolsig.dylib (mac os)
  • gfortran [options] dvode_f90_m.F90 zdplaskin_m.F90 user_code.F90 bolsig.so (linux)

Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 (checked for version 5.x)

  • lf95 [options] dvode_f90_m.F90 zdplaskin_m.F90 user_code.F90 bolsig_g.lib (windows)

Do not forget to set library search path

  • export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH (linux)

Previous versions

ver. 2.0, Dec 2016

ver. 1.5, Jun 2015

ver. 1.4, Feb 2014

ver. 1.3b10, Sep 2012