Basically, the minimum user code must look like following:

program test
use ZDPlasKin                   ! to use module ZDPlasKin
call ZDPlasKin_init()           ! initialization of the module
call ZDPlasKin_set_conditions() ! set conditions
call ZDPlasKin_set_density()    ! set initial densities
call ZDPlasKin_timestep()       ! main call - time integration
end program test

We present below some typical cases used in plasma kinetics simulations. These programs can be adopted for users’s purposes and can be used as a “starting point”.

Two-reaction test case (start here)

This test case corresponds to an Ar plasma consisting of electrons, atomic ions, and neutrals at a constant electric field. The charged particles are supposed to be generated by direct electron impact ionization and lost by 3-body recombination. >>>

Micro-cathode sustained discharged in Ar

Here we present a 0D simulation of a high-pressure argon plasma generated in a Micro Cathode Sustained Discharged. >>>

External profiles of electron density and electric field

This test case deals with a nitrogen plasma consisting of electrons, 6 neutral, 4 charged heavy species and includes 36 processes. Here we take the mean electric field and the electron density from an external file. >>>

N2-O2 mixtures

A ready-to-use complete list of plasmachemical processes in nitrogen-oxygen mixtures taken mainly from the book M. Capitelli, C.M. Ferreira, B.F. Gordiets and A.I. Osipov “Plasma Kinetics in Atmospheric Gases” (2000) Springer is available. >>>