About the project

The Zero-Dimensional Plasma Kinetics solver ZDPlasKin is a Fortran 90 module designed to follow the time evolution of the species densities and gas temperature in a non-thermal plasma with an arbitrarily complex chemistry. The input plasma chemistry file is in a text format that is human-friendly. ZDPlasKin incorporates the BOLSIG+  solver and its output is compatible with other independently developed packages QTPlaskin and PumpKin.

ZDPlasKin is available as freeware and can be downloaded from the following address: http://www.zdplaskin.laplace.univ-tlse.fr.

Please be aware that this software is no longer supported.



  • An input data file in an easy-to-read format defines the species, the chemical reactions and their rates, and the plasma conditions. Reaction rates may be constant or functions of the gas temperature or other of the plasma conditions, as specified by the user.
  • BOLSIG+, a solver for the electron Boltzmann equation, is called automatically as needed by ZDPlasKin, providing a rapid, on-line calculation of electron transport and rate coefficients. The user may optionally define constant rates for the electron reactions or rates which depend on the plasma conditions.
  • Rate equations for the species densities and the gas temperature are integrated in time using DVODE_F90 solver or an optional explicit integration routine.
  • Real-time diagnostics provide a convenient way of visualizing the evolution of the different contributions to the source and loss of each species.
  • Default values of the internal model parameters (eg time steps, error tolerances, etc) can be modified by the user if desired.
  • Auto or manual data save in QtPlaskin-compatible format.

ZDPlasKin has been tested with several freeware and commercial Fortran 90/95 compilers, however, the developers cannot guarantee any functionality. ZDPlasKin is made available “as is”, and assistance and support are not guaranteed. The authors make no warranty about the suitability of the software for any purpose. Downloading ZDPlasKin from this site is implicit acceptance of these conditions. Users should check this site periodically to see if upgrades are available or if errors have been reported. Users interested in negotiating a license to use ZDPlasKin in commercial applications should contact the authors.

Discussion and participation

We encourage users to join the Google discussion group. Registration at ZDPlasKin groupis completely optional but very recommended. As we continue to improve our software, we collect information in order to provide you with updates, improvements and other changes in the package.

We welcome new contributors. Anyone wishing to up-load their kinetic schemes to this site (with proper references of course) should contact us to obtain an account and to receive instructions for up-loading data.


This package was developed by researchers at LAPLACE, Laboratoire des Plasmas et Conversion d’Energie, a laboratory operated jointly by the CNRS, the University of Toulouse and the Institut Polytechnique of Toulouse.

Permission to use ZDPlasKin in non-commercial applications is hereby granted, provided that proper reference is made in publications reporting results obtained using this software. At present, the preferred way to reference ZDPlasKin is as follows:

S. Pancheshnyi, B. Eismann, G.J.M. Hagelaar, L.C. Pitchford, Computer code ZDPlasKin,
http://www.zdplaskin.laplace.univ-tlse.fr (University of Toulouse, LAPLACE, CNRS-UPS-INP, Toulouse, France, 2008).