N2-O2 mixtures

A ready-to-use complete list of plasmachemical processes in nitrogen-oxygen mixtures taken mainly from the book M. Capitelli, C.M. Ferreira, B.F. Gordiets and A.I. Osipov “Plasma Kinetics in Atmospheric Gases” (2000) Springer is available.


This is the version 1.02 and we encourage you to test it for your cases and send us your suggestions and contributions in order to improve this data.

This state-specific model of N2-O2 mixture includes a set of about 430 chemical reactions with the participation of 44 states, namely, molecules N2(X1, v = 0 – 8), N2(A3, B3, a’1, C3), O2(X3, v = 0 – 4), O2(a1, b1, 4.5eV), O3, NO, atoms N(4S, 2D, 2P), O(3P, 1D, 1S), positive ions N+, N2+, N3+, N4+, O+, O2+, O4+, NO+, O2+N2, negative ions O, O2, O3, O4, NO and electrons E.

The model also accounts the excitation of other electronic states of nitrogen and oxygen, but assumes instantaneous relaxation N2(W3,B’3) => N2(B3), N2(a1,w1) => N2(a’1) and N2(E3,a”1) => N2(C3). The generalized level O2(4.5eV) corresponds to O2(A3, C3) and O2(c1) states.

Transport parameters and constant rates for electron-neutral interactions are calculated using build-in into the package BOLSIG+ solver. The density of 20 species, namely N2(X1, v = 0 – 8), O2(X3, v = 0 – 4), N2(A3), O2(a1), N, O, NO, O3 and 78 collisional processes including super-elastic collisions with above-mentioned states are used solving the Boltzmann equation for electron energy distribution function.

Requred cross sections for electron processes with species indicated in section BOLSIG have to be stored in bolsigdb.dat data file. In the present example, these electron cross sections were retrieved from ELECTRON SCATTERING DATABASE, SIGLO(N2,O2) and Phelps(NO) databases. This cross-section database has to be completed with the cross sections for N, O atoms and N2(A3), O2(a1), O3 species available at Kinema Research & Software, Humid air chemistry database, www.kinema.com.

The constant rates of VT relaxation were applied for all vibrational levels using the harmonic oscillator model. A set of reverse processes was built with constant rates obtained using the principle of detailed balance.


A work-in-progress version 1.03 is also available for downloading. The following NxOy species with corresponding reactions are added: N2O, NO2, NO3, N2O5, N2O+, NO2+, N2O NO2 NO3.

[1] M Capitelli, C M Ferreira, B F Gordiets and A I Osipov, “Plasma Kinetics in Atmospheric Gases”, 2000 Springer.

[2] A Flitti and S Pancheshnyi (2009) “Gas heating in fast pulsed discharges in N2-O2 mixtures” European Physical Journal of Appl. Physics 45 21001.